Iglesia Cristiana de Westminster

WBC is home to Iglesia Cristiana de Westminster, a Spanish-speaking assembly which meets at the same time as our English-speaking assembly. Our two churches work closely with each other, sharing such ministries as Sunday School and Evangelism. We often gather together as one body for potlucks and picnics as well. From time to time, especially during the holidays or special outreach Sundays our two bodies will worship together. These Sundays always seem to be a hit among the saints as we get a taste of the diversity of worship we will experience in heaven (Rev 7:9-10; 21:22-26). Many of our members are closely associated with both assemblies, which gives Westminster Bible Chapel a distinct cross-cultural feel. If you are interested in more information concerning Iglesia Cristiana de Westminster, please contact Julio Lopez at (714) 488-4619.